Cardinals & Drive-by Photography!

   So I have been waiting all winter for the right setting to take a Cardinal shot.  Yesterday was the day.  I was driving home from a disappointed attempt at finding some cool shots and there happened to be a detour road down a residential street.  Providence would have it that I stumbled across cardinal heaven.  I have never seen so many cardinals that were ready for a photo op.  They were all flirting with one another and the ladies were having a blast eating some sort of berries.  Cardinals seem to be a bit shy most of the time except when they are flirting or have a really great tree full of snacks.  It also was very helpful that I was in my best blind- my truck.  With all that to say, I tested out my Canon 70D's output with some rapid-fire shooting and I was not disappointed- at 7 fps the camera did just what I needed.  I had some very crisp shots and I couldn't believe that this female cardinal did not fly away.  I was very close to her and I was shooting about 300mm and 1/750th of a second.  The morning light was just beautiful.  Rockaway Beach is a little gem of a location for some interested shots. 

Cardinal Picture Branson