February Flowers!!

So I think there were records broken this month for February warmth.  Summer in February is a very good thing when you are in the midwest.  Narcissus are among the first flowers to pop up in spring and this beauty showed up in my front yard about half way through one of our coldest months.  I came home from work at around dusk, got my camera, got down on my belly, and took a few shots once my settings seemed perfect.  I tried to get a clean and blurred out background to save me time in post.  I might invest in a special macro lens as I think about it or borrow one from a close friend to try out getting some of those extremely close up shots.  Anyway, I can't wait for spring- I am so glad that we are getting a sneak preview with lots of budding trees and early flowers.  Winter is gone (almost) and I am planning what types of photography I might like to try as the seasons transition.  This flower reminds me of the verse where Jesus compares how a flower is dressed more beautiful then the splendor of Solomon.  He ties in the beauty of nature to how we ought not to worry about our lives, what we should eat, wear, or drink.  He says that we ought to trust in God to provide for our needs and that today has enough worries of its own.  Jesus is pretty smart.