Jasmine K.- a great model!

  So it was on the eve of a horrendous storm called storm Reggie and Jasmine was the only one who made it over to our house that evening.  We named the evening Reggmegedon and while some people were in their basement taking shelter, we were having a photo shoot.  My wife Marilyn, who happens to be a Mary Kay Consultant, spent time getting Jazz all prettied up.  In addition, the crazy thing was that Jazz had brought some cute outfits just in case we were going to have a photo shoot.  She knows me well.  Anyway, we were in the studio for about an hour where things seemed to go pretty much perfect.  

  Jazz was camera shy at first, but Marilyn played some music, we danced, Tozer got recruited as a prop, and life was pretty much great.  I was shooting a 50mm 1.8 prime and my wife was helping hold some directional light.  It was a team effort and thanks to Adobe Lightroom, we were able to touch up some pretty amazing shots.  I hope to recruit more models to just have fun and take more awesome shots like these in the near future.  And we survived Reggmegeddon to tell the tale!!!