Chef James

So I think I may have found my future niche in photography.....FOOD!! No, probably not, but I loved taking pictures for my friend James who is studying to become a chef.  He bought some food and came over to my place to not only make the biggest mess in the universe, but he made some delicious food for me while he was here.  I was able to set up some lights and my lovely wife helped making the place-setting look beautiful with props.  I really love how these turned out.  I used a macro 100mm lens and a 50mm f1.8.  Both lenses did fairly well and I realized that there are a lot of variables when it comes to an excellent food photo.  The first dish was a pan-fried chicken breast with sweet potatoes and a kale salad.  The second dish was a Salmon Mousseline with a spicy pepper sauce and kale salad.  Both were very delicious and I think my favorite part was not the pictures, but actually the food.    

Pan-Fried Chicken Photo