First Dance

Logan and Mary Miller were enjoying a perfect dance on a perfect day.  These images capture just a small snapshot of their wedding.   I love first dance pictures.  The emotions the couple share after all the planning, all the hype, all the anticipation, and even all the chaos of the wedding day.  It is like the eye of a beautiful storm.  They are totally alone together for almost the first time since they have been married and yet they are so totally not alone.  The onlookers are abundant and yet this is the one time in their life that they may feel like a movie-star performing for a crowd.  Though they are not performing and though they are not famous, they look amazing and feel amazing.  This is their special day.  Mary and Logan encapsulate here in these shots some of the best things about being a photographer.  These angles and these moments cannot be relived and yet they are sealed here for as long as the googles and the internets survive.  Their memories will be logged for eternity in their minds and in their hearts.