destination wedding - a little vacation town

Chautauqua, Illinois is definitely not a typical destination for a wedding. Quaint would be the most accurate word to describe this vacationer’s dream community. Chautauqua exists as a tight-knit community where generations of families gather every summer for fun, relaxation, and sometimes for finding love. Katie said, “I always wanted to marry a Chautauqua boy, but I thought my hopes were over”. That was what she thought. Ryan came into her life as her Chautauqua boy and they were married fall 2018. Ryan is quiet, but confident and Katie is the quintessential, bubbly second-grade teacher. Both of them together make a gorgeous couple. Katie’s expressive and goofy faces mix magically with Ryan’s calm, almost-stern demeanor. I managed to crack a few giant smiles out of him.

The bridal party was very cool and they definitely put the party in Bridal Party. The country club down the road was the perfect contrast to the tiny chapel ceremony and I feel like Marilyn and I captured some stunning shots they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. The rain in the beginning was partly frustrating since it came right before the first look, but besides making our schedule run extra tight, it served as a blessing from heaven. The day was scheduled to be extra muggy and hot, but the rain drained the mugginess out of the air and left the rest of the day quite bearable -almost cool. The peacock feathers were also one of those unexpected delights. A week before the wedding, the typical, local peacock farmer was looking for a place where somebody might want a massive amount of peacock decor. The feathers found their home on these center-pieces and made for an extra-special detail Katie and Ryan weren’t expecting or planning. They were super happy with their album and I almost hired Lee (The Bride’s Mom) to be on my PR team. She was my lead PR person that day at least. She is a photographer as well and she kept saying how nice it was to enjoy the day, put her camera down, and watch us work. She was also very entertaining and brought a lot of life to the day. Thanks Lee!! As a destination wedding photographer, this one goes in the record books. Call and setup a time to talk with us if you love these pictures as much as we do and let us know: what is your destination?