Jordan and Shayan

One of Springfield’s best parks has a little gem of Japanese, Tao-lovin’ greatness. Nathaniel Greene Park has a Japanese stroll garden great for taking photos full of traditional Japanese flare. You have to get a photography permit just so you know, but we have been here several times for engagement shoots. You can rent a part of this park as well for an outdoor wedding. if you are seeking a great place for an outdoor ceremony, this place could be it.

Shayan and Jordan were a lot of fun to work with. Jordan is goofy and helped break Shayan out of his shell. We also did a lot of fun exercises to help create some genuine, gorgeous expressions. They had two outfits, which is usually fine on all of our shoots if there is time. We used a number of lighting modifiers for different situations. I remember at one point, holding a five-foot diffuser on top of a pointy rock with my camera in one hand. It was awkward, but I got some gorgeous shots so it was all worth it. I am honored as well to be their wedding photographers, coming soon.