Abbey & Duncan's Wedding

I feel so so lucky to have met these two. They found us on Facebook, booked us, and we couldn’t be happier to shoot such a kind couple on their wedding day. We drove down to Columbia, MO at Glenn Acres Farm, which turned out to be a super great venue.

Some couples want a photographer who has shot at a particular venue location several times before they will hire them. I have a few things to comment about that though it is not all wrong. We have shot tons of weddings in the past few years in other cities or places we have never been before and every single time, it works out just great. I can see why couple’s would want a photographer team to be familiar with the venue, but if you are a good photographer, you realize that every venue changes each wedding day given lighting changes, weather, time-of-day, time of year, DJ lights, and circumstances through the day. Literally anything can happen. You cannot get too comfortable as a photographer at one location because you have been there before. This location was pretty easy to figure out on our first time there and I feel like not shooting at a location is almost an advantage because you have to really be on your toes from start to finish. It is easy to just slip into what you have always done.

This day of shooting went very smooth and we could not be happier with the results. The the wedding day flow - the couple did not have a crammed timeline and we are very thankful for that. Abbey and Duncan were a joy to photograph and hopefully you can see we captured their passion and love for each other through the wedding day. Let us know what you think and contact me if you are interested in booking us!! Thanks!!