I met both of these amazing people at local coffee shops. They were both local baristas. After finding out they were engaged, they told me that they still needed a photographer and I am so happy we were hired.

Monica and Remy kept telling us with how amazing this venue was, but we never knew it existed because it was so new. It is only 45 minutes from our house south of Harrison, but we are super thankful to shoot one of the first weddings at this new location. Some buildings were still under construction because they are expanding, but we totally love what buildings and english gardens they had finished. I think this venue will be one of the top venues in Northwest Arkansas and probably the most sought-after venue in all of Harrison, Arkansas very soon. We were honored to shoot here.

Monica and Remy are passionately in love with each other and they celebrate a very deep faith in God. You can see some photos for their time of worship or prayer demonstrating their love for God. I was crying more than I would like to admit when Remy encouraged all the married couples in the crowd to fight hard for their marriages etc. He is the man. We are so happy with how these photos turned out and are very thankful to have met these two. If you would like more info on this location, send us a note.