Branson Photographers Steven & Marilyn Jones

Wow! Photography is so much fun! (let me just get that out of the way).  I really want to get to know you and hear about either your wedding or photography needs, but let me tell you a little bit about me (Us...Marilyn and I).   

A little about me....well...? For as long as I can remember I excelled at art; From finger painting in diapers to glueing beans to plates in grade school, I just seemed to have a spatial, artistic awareness.  My first digital camera came as a teen -- even though the megapixel count wasn't there, I began practicing composition, angles, and timing.  Today, I love all types of photography, but I especially love weddings.  The challenge, the magic of the day, and the idea of witnessing two people becoming one make weddings extra special for my wife and I.  

Speaking of becoming one, Marilyn and I, since 2010, have enjoyed growing together as a couple.  We met in Kauai, Hawaii and spent a year living there after we got married, but the tropical island glitter wore off and we moved to the Ozarks in 2011 (I know right?).  All I can say is that I couldn't ask for a better woman.   Her and I work together as a two-photographer team on location and we work together on post-production as well.  Working together is the best.  Even though we don't always perfectly get along (who does?), we are best friends and I love spending time with her.    

My background is in architecture where I got a professional architecture degree (B.Arch) from California Polytechnic State University, SLO.  Those five years of school gave me an outlet for my artistic abilities and taught me valuable skills that transfer into my photography business.  I consider myself a journalistic photographer primarily, where taking candid moment never to be repeated is something I can offer.  When posing is in mind, getting the right expression, elucidating the right response, and waiting to capture whats inside is my main goal with most of my photoshoots.  It's still okay to look at the camera by the way.  People can get uncomfortable in front of a camera, but I strive to always develop a great relationship with clients I serve so that we have a good time where they can relax and be themselves.  I shoot all types of photography because I refuse to limit myself--  with me you will get a photographer who loves journalistic, portraits, candids, macro detail shots, wide-angle event shots, drone shots, night shots, flash photography, and whatever else the day demands. 

Look at my portfolio.  I have a wide array of genres, but my paid work is typically taking pictures of people.  National Geographic hasn't called me yet.  Anyway....  

I would rather talk to you personally then keep talking about myself.  Lets discuss what you want to see in your pictures, answer any questions you have, and discuss pricing options etc..  I prefer to meet all prospective clients in person, but skype or video chat works if you live far away.