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Branson Photographers Steve & Marilyn Jones

I never thought I would be a wedding photographer, but it kinda makes sense and I love it!! From finger painting as a toddler to glueing beans on plates in art class, I just seemed to have a thing for composition.  I bought my first digital camera at age fifteen & even though the megapixel count wasn't there, I began practicing composition, angles, and timing.  I travelled to five continents through college taking some photos of my travels with my little, cheap camera, but a passion was growing.

I shot my first wedding a few years ago after I bought a decent DSLR camera. Since then, we have invested in the best lenses, countless hours of the best training, and the best cameras Canon will sell us. I consider myself a journalistic photographer primarily - sneaking in candid moments whenever possible. We are cool with posing as well, but not too much.

We usually hear from couples how comfortable they felt in front of the camera, which for me is TOTALLY awesome. We totally stress in taking OFF the stress from our wedding clients on their wedding day. That is the most important thing we try to offer besides gorgeous photos. We try to come prepared dressed like James Bond and his blonde beauty on a mission. We want to work hard so you can enjoy your day. You are paying us a lot of money right? As long as I can get a piece of cake, i’m good.

Our love story: Marilyn and I found each other in paradise back in 2009.  We met in Kauai and spent a year living there after we got married, but the tropical glitter wore off and we moved to the Ozarks in 2011 (I know right?).  All I can say is that I couldn't ask for a better woman.   Her and I work together as a two-photographer team on location and we work together editing photos as well.  She has a tremendous eye for color, toning, and style.

A few other things - We have an adorable little fire-pointed-siamese Kitty named Tozer. Marilyn is a Registered Dietitian and I handle the photography business full-time. I happen to have a degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s Degree in Theology and Apologetics, which may sound totally random, but cool I guess. If you would like some pastoral advice, I would give it - free of course. We live in Branson, MO now, but we would love to travel to your destination wedding as well.

Enough about us- What is your story?

Give us a call, text, or email us. We would be happy to get you some package info for your Wedding Photography - Engagement - Destination - Elopement - Photography needs etc. We generally like to meet for coffee and do a short interview when couples become interested in hiring us.

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