Lake View Real Estate

So this blog will serve to show you what SWJones photography is doing as it relates to Real Estate photos.  I took off from Branson this past Monday to travel down old HWY 86 near my old stomping grounds.  I found Bluff Cove and arrived at my destination.  I immediately went to work because I knew this house was going to be challenging.  It is a little over 4000 sq. ft., but that is not what makes this type of project challenging.  The challenging part was the numerous window shots and getting the right exposure to see the lake view.  The post production is the most challenging part to adjust window brightness, color, and contrast.  I met Rheena and Mike (the owners), which was a pleasure as we waited for the relator to show up.  I had a blast in this house because it was immaculate and I didn't need to move hardly a thing.  After taking my outdoor shots I came in and started in the great room.  We went to the garage, the master suite, the office, the downstairs theater room, the other bedrooms, and captured their wonderful pantry.  The last stop was out the back deck to capture the beautiful lake view.  This is a millions dollar view for only 600K!!  I wish I had the money to purchase a house like this.