Tips - Engagement ShootS

So, this couple is so sweet, so kind, and so gorgeous.  Marilyn and I loved spending a couple hours with them at the Branson Landing taking some engagement photos.  We were able to get a wide variety of shots and do several different poses, locations, etc.  

Here are a few tips for couples in planning out an engagement shoot:

1. Let it be just like a date - I suggested to Ben that he should take Emma out on a date and there just happened to be a photographer there directing some pictures.  I think this got Ben in a more romantic mood and was really encouraged to be on a photoshoot.  Guys are not always crazy about taking pictures, but guys like Ben are definitely crazy about their ladies. 

2. Plan out your outfits well - This is so very important.  Ladies generally are more with it in this area and as a guy, I can attest that I usually don't care that much about what I am wearing unless it is absolutely necessary to care (I am working on it).  There just isn't space for that sort of thing in the male brain.  Ben was different however.  He and Emma worked together and he put together a great outfit that was dressy enough for Emma's dress; It was void of any distractions like huge logos, crazy colors, or wild patterns.  Emma's dress was stunning as well. 

3. Groom well - Grooming in a photoshoot is more important that grooming for say an event or for a day at the office.  Photos are something people hone in on and stare at sometimes.  You may not want a hairy neck on photo day (guys).  You may want to take an extra twenty minutes in front of the mirror (I am speaking to guys) to tweez, pluck, or shave any area that doesn't look perfect.  Yes, photoshop can take care of a lot, but a hairy neck is next to impossible to photoshop out 50-100 times.  Help the photographer by grooming well. I would also highly recommend just going to a barber and letting him deck you out with a shave to make you look professionally groomed.  That is the best.  

4. Frizzy Hair - Emma had a great hair day even when the wind was blowing.  I am not sure how she did it.  Fly-aways are hard to edit out and if there are too many or if the hair looks too frizzy it can be a big distraction.  I am not a pro at girl-hair, but I know that Argan oil or some leave-in conditioners can prepare you for your looking as smooth as possible.  I would consult a professional because on this subject, I am not.  

5. Pro Make-Up - If you really want some amazing results on your engagement shoot day.  Get a pro to do your hair and make-up or just make-up.  Emma's make-up looked great on this shoot, but maybe something to consider.  

6. Have Fun - Hopefully your photographer can have fun with you guys and you can have a relaxed shoot where you are not in a total rush, spark a little romance, and end up having a blessed engagement shoot.  

Stay tuned for more photography tips from SWJones Photo!!