Engagement Photos - LeAnn & Joe

We had a great time photographing and editing LeAnn and Joseph’s photos. Are they a stunning couple or what? You have to love that hair!! Wow!

Anyway, these two are super sweet and I am happy to feature them on my blog. We will soon be photographing their wedding in November. Often times, during the engagement session, a couple will tell me that they are not photo people and then when I break out my GIANT camera, they may get a little uncomfortable. I realize that going-in and so we start off with some very natural, candid, type photos. That seems to take the edge off of trying to pose them and avoids stiffness in the first few shots. After a little while, most couples become pros in-front of the camera and they relax naturally. I like to show them a few photos through the shoot and in this shoot, I remember LeAnn say, “Wow, we look amazing!!”. That is a big win and I definitely agree -they look fantastic!! I come into a shoot with a lot of confidence as well and I think that helps them relax. Because I am relaxed and confident, couples seem to trust my work based off of how I carry myself.

If you are a new photographer, my best advice is to be so confident with your camera, manual settings, where to place couples, and general lighting knowledge to have that confidence before showing up to a shoot. If you are not confident or nervous, don’t let your couples know. They will feed off of you and as long as you are perceived as confident, you will do fine.